LWS Boutique jewelry is custom and unique just like you. The artisan jewelry is sensitive to water, jewelry cleaner and rough housing. If all possible try to not get the jewelry wet to avoid it from tarnishing too quickly. 
Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or other secure container that will prevent your baubles from moving around. You can also store your jewelry in a silk or velvet pouch and put each pouch in a decorative shoe box. 
Try putting your jewelry on last. Perfumes, hairspray, lotion, and makeup usually contains harsh chemicals that can damage your beautiful jewelry. By waiting until you are all done your beauty routine you can avoid potential damage.
If all others fail you can clean your jewelry with half a lemon, ketchup or vinegar and salt. Rubbing until clean and shiny and then allowing to dry completely. 
Mahalo from the LWS Boutique Team