Home Décor

At LWS Boutique, innovation is our hallmark, and we take pride in crafting unique options for individuals who seek something truly different. With a background in interior and graphic design, our founder, Lakiesha Nicole Stanley, has always been immersed in the art of creating spaces that are truly special. Recognizing a gap in the market for a diverse range of African American-inspired home décor, we embarked on a journey to transform our ideas and visions into tangible elements that elevate living spaces.

The "Okoyee" Collection: A Fusion of Afro Bohemian and Mid Century Elegance

Our latest venture, the "Okoyee" Collection, is a testament to our commitment to infusing meaning and cultural richness into every corner of your home. Drawing inspiration from Afro Bohemian and Mid Century design elements, this collection features a range of meticulously crafted pillows and throws, each designed to transcend the ordinary and add a layer of significance to your living spaces.

Beyond the Ordinary Throw Pillow:

The "Okoyee" Collection goes beyond the typical throw pillow, offering a unique blend of artistry and cultural storytelling. Each symbol and linework embedded in our collection carries a profound meaning, creating an opportunity for you to showcase a rich narrative within your home. These are not just home décor items; they are conduits for cultural expression and personal connection.

The Story Behind Each Piece:

Every symbol and linework in the "Okoyee" Collection has been thoughtfully curated, bringing with it a story and cultural significance. From Afro Bohemian aesthetics to Mid Century elegance, these pieces are designed to resonate with your personal style while celebrating the diversity of African American culture.

Transform Your Space with "Okoyee":

Elevate your home with the "Okoyee" Collection and experience the transformative power of meaningful design. Whether you choose a throw or a pillow, you're not just adding an accessory to your space; you're incorporating a piece of art that tells a unique story.

At LWS Boutique, we invite you to explore the "Okoyee" Collection and discover how our passion for design and cultural expression can bring a new dimension to your home. It's more than home décor; it's a celebration of identity, creativity, and the beauty of diversity.